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18th/19th May 2019
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Tuesday 19 March 2013, 19:00 - 19:15
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In accordance with article 10.1 of the Club’s constitution the Secretary of the Club has on behalf of the Club committee given 14 days notice required under the terms of the constitution to hold a Special General Meeting (SGM) of the Club at 7pm on Tuesday, 19th March in the cafe at Hemel SportSpace.

There are two issues for agreement.

  1. The appointment of an Independent Examiner.

    Article 9.2.3 f the constitution states that one of the functions of the Club’s AGM is

“ ...to remove and elect the Independent Examiner (who must not be a member of the Committee nor a member of the family of a member of the Committee) or confirm that he/she remain in office”

The purpose of the Independent Examiner is to act as an independent check on the Club financial accounts prepared each year by the Treasurer.  This is an important role for members to re-assure you that your money is being properly managed.

At the last AGM Andy Hingston was appointed Treasurer but didn’t have enough time to identify someone to act as an Independent Examiner.  The AGM agreed that

“... the new Treasurer should identify a replacement Independent Assessor who would be provisionally approved by the committee and notified to the membership as soon as practical.  The appointment would then be presented to the next AGM for approval.”

As it has proved necessary to call an SGM to deal with item 2 below the Committee has decided to ask the SGM to agree the appointment of the Independent Examiner in advance of the next AGM.

Sue Jones (Chartered Management Accountant) ACMA has agreed to take on the role.  Sue is not a member of the Committee nor is she related to any member of the Committee.  She is employed as an accountant by Canada Life and carries out the role of Independent Examiner for Boxmoor PTA  and Munchkids Accounts.

The motion for the SGM is that Sue Jones (Chartered Accountant) ACMA is appointed as the Independent Examiner for the Financial Year 2011-2012.

2.  Two changes to the management of the Club bank account

Under article 14.1 of the Club constitution only the Treasurer may pay money into the Club account and funds can only be paid out of the account by cheque signed by two of the Club’s Officers (the Chair, Treasurer and Secretary).

In practice all money received by the shop is paid direct into the Club’s bank account under advice to the Treasurer.  The Treasurer is satisfied that there are sufficient management controls in place to validate that the shop takings are banked in full and wishes to change the Constitution so that it reflects current practice.

The more substantive issue to be confirmed is article 14.1 of the Constitution also states that

“No sum shall be drawn from that account except by cheque signed by two of the three approved signatories who shall be the Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer.”

In practice the Treasurer is increasingly using bank transfers rather than cheques to make payments.  He has investigated the possibility of the bank online payment system being configured to require two authorisations but the system requires both signatories to be physically present at the same time and this is not practical for the Club. 

It is proposed that the Constitution be amended such that the Treasurer can make online payments of up to £1,000 on his own authority, and that for payments in excess of £1,000 he obtains the emailed or written authority of either of the two other signatories.

The motion for the SGM is that the proposed changes to the Club constitution be approved and the revised constitution be submitted to the ASA for ratification.