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Thank You
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Wednesday, 02 November 2011 09:11

We are back to normal training now and we must say a big thank you to all the coaches and helpers who stayed behind and ensured that the vast majority of swimming sessions ran as normal. The camp could not have gone ahead without your support and just proves what a great group of people we have helping to run the club for the benefit of the swimmers.

We are home
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Sunday, 30 October 2011 14:38

Saturday was a long day - we started training at 7.00am and as it was Devon Prior's 15th Birthday she had the honour of diving in first, we completed a 2.5 hour session followed by breakfast. Land Training was at 11.15am on the beach and we stayed on the beach for lunch chilling out for a couple of hours in the sun.

The afternoon session was also 2.5 hours and we finished with some very tired swimmers, over the course of the week Lane 1 did in excess of 47Km, Lane 2 - 55Km and Lane 3 just short of the 70Km mark - a great achievement by all.

We had a short time to pack followed by Dinner where we had a birthday Cake for Devon. The flight home was delayed by a couple of hours and we finally arrived back at around 3.00am.

Once the dust has settled we will put up a list of all the swimmer's main memory of the camp and compile a photo album.

It would be remiss if we did not thank all the helpers on the camp who gave up their time and money to go on the trip.

Louise Farrow was our Camp Manager and First Aider who worked tirelessly to keep our 'walking wounded' in the pool and getting us to the correct place at the correct time.

Dave Windsor who helped with chaperone duties and became our 'water boy' making sure all the swimmers had a supply of water.

Linda Riley who also helped with chaperone duties and made sure the coaches had coffee to keep them going.

Liz Sherriff, Mike Holmes and Luke Jelfs who worked very hard coaching the lanes, keeping swimmers going, this left Alan to oversee the training and video swimmers giving immediate technique feedback on the Laptop poolside.

We must thank our 'backroom boy' Keith Wilding who organised the camp like a military operation - it all ran to plan as no stone had been left unturned and we had nor surprises about the organisation.

Finally a big thank you to all the coaches and helpers who stayed behind and helped out this ensured that the vast majority of sessions ran as usual whilst we were away.

Day 6
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Friday, 28 October 2011 18:58

A great day again today, lovely sunshine and some great swimming.

We had a 2.5 hour morning session and land training was on the beach which culminated in the 'camp challenge' - all members of the camp (including the coaches) ran into the freezing cold sea and dived under the water, luckily there is no photographic evidence so you have to take our word for it.

This afternoon we finished the session with relays, we had 3 teams swimming 10 x 50m relays on all strokes and a medley relay. Racing was exciting and close and great to see some of the younger swimmers storming all the races, particularly the Fly. Sam's team won with Tom and Lois finishing joint second.

We had our final camp meeting tonight saying a big thanks to all the adult helpers - Louise, Linda, Dave, LIz, Mike and Luke - The swimmers surprised Alan by giving him a tea Mug from Venice - they obviously know all coaches are powered by tea and cake.

Tomorrow we have two 2.5 hour sessions and the journey home starts, we are planning Land Training on the beach followed by a picnic lunch.

Day 5
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Thursday, 27 October 2011 18:51

Today was our 'day of rest' and we had a great trip into Venice and the weather was glorious.

We left the camp via coach and then took a boat into Venice, we had a guided tour of the City, followed by a pizza lunch. Later in the afternoon we had a chance to shop.

The children really enjoyed feeding the pigeons and Paige Wilding managed to get pigeon poo on her arm.

Tomorrow we are playing 'catch up' for today so we are swimming two 2.5 hour sessions and a special 'camp challenge' - check back for more details tomorrow.

Catch the pigeon..

30 hungry swimmers

Day 4
Written by Administrator   
Wednesday, 26 October 2011 19:21

Today's Blog was written by Lois Moore abd some of the other girls on the camp.

Firstly the biggest news recently has been the challenge swum by all the swimmers on Wednesday morning. This involved each lane swimming the distance to other swimming pools, so lane 1 had to swim 7k, lane 2 had to swim 8k and lane 3 had to swim 10k. All the swimmers did exceptionally well and every last swimmer completed their challenge; even if it did leave them exhausted for the session in the afternoon.

Other notable events have been Isabella Sherwani-Keeling’s 13th birthday therefore meaning that we have another teenager on the camp and on Saturday it is Devon Prior’s 15th birthday so we all wish her a very happy birthday. As well as this, some of the coaches and helpers on the camp took a dip in the pool and attempted to show the swimmers how it was done.

Thursday is our day trip to Venice and we are all very excited, especially about hopefully trying some delicious Italian pizza and arriving there via a boat. When we get there we will have a tour through Venice before having lunch and some free time.

Everybody seems to be having a lovely time and we are all having a lot of fun – even if the swimming is tiring.

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